/5 Great Road Trips From Bangalore

5 Great Road Trips From Bangalore

Road trips are quite adventurous but they can teach a lot than a philosopher. The climate and hectic lifestyle of IT professionals in Bangalore made it as a prominent place in India to initiate road trips. The “Silicon Valley of India” has many tourist attractions near it. This blog will list the number of tourist attractions near Bangalore which are great for road trips.

Shivanasamudaram Falls:

The scenic waterfall made by river Kaveri is in Bangalore-Mysore highway. Shivanasamudaram falls is known for its breathtaking view and scenery. I recommend you to reach the place early in the morning as the falls will get drenched with humans by noon. Travel along with NH 209 for 140 kilometres to reach this nature’s marvel.

Shivanasamudaram Falls

Shivanasamudaram falls is best seen during the monsoon season so if you are planning a trip during summer drop this place from your list.

Nandi Hills:

Nandi Hills is the main reason behind Banglore’s wonderful climate. Located 60 kilometres from the city is famous among bike enthusiasts. The 60-kilometre stretch road from Bangalore with less or no traffic will make you fall in love with this place. Nandi hills is a place can be visited round the year so if you are near Bangalore and have a day off? Then pack your bags and the road to Nandi Hills.

Ooty Via Mysore:

A visit to the “Queen of Hills” will bring some zeal and enthusiasm for every traveller. But that joy is double if you are travelling from Bangalore through the heritage city of Mysore. The ride to Ooty is a rollercoaster as the trip would start in plains and ends in highest place in South India. The trip would be a perfect refreshing method for every student and IT professional. The hilly terrain and cool climate is something we can’t get in our concrete forest. Chill with the queen of the hills and go back to work on Monday morning with no regrets.

Ooty Tea Gardens

The best time to visit Ooty is to avoid the hill station during monsoons. Other than monsoons, the “Queen of the hill” will be happy to host you with love and care.


The jewel of South India’s crown is full of rich flora and fauna. Yercaud is “poor man’s Ooty” but it can stand toe to toe with the “Queen of hills” for its demographics and climate. The several plantations and lakes in Yercaud will relish the traveller in you.


Yercaud is 213 kilometres from Bangalore. But the well-laid roads and the roadside dhabas will make your trip memorable. Just like Ooty, the best season to visit Yercaud is to avoid the monsoon rains.


Could be the bumpiest road in this list, yet Wayanad of Kerala makes it to the top. Blessed by rich flora and fauna, Wayanad is one of the very few tourist attractions in India that remains close to its natural beauty.

Wayanad is 265 kilometres from Bangalore is best travelled by bike so that you can explore the lovely scenery along the way. On the way to Wayanad is Nagarhole national park which is home to Elephants, Tigers and several species of Stags. Vehicles are not allowed inside the park from 7 pm to 7 am so it is advisable to plan your trip in advance. The weather of Wayanad remains mild throughout the year so you can visit this scenic beauty almost every weekend.


If you have inputs to add to this list, We are listening. Share this article among your friends and some of them may come up with a weekend plan. All these places are best travelled by road but do not restrict yourself to it. You can always avail Myticketbuddy.com’s services to visit one of the places listed above.