/Top 5 Places For Skydiving in India

Top 5 Places For Skydiving in India

Skydiving is arguably the craziest and most loved adventure sport after Bungee. But the greatest advantage of Skydiving is you can experience the adrenaline rush of it without much training. But don’t get to fall from 10,000 feet quite easily, Skydiving requires immense courage and little craziness. I will now list the Top 5 places for Skydiving in India. Disclaimer: Not for faint-hearted.

1. Mysore, Karnataka.

Located near to Bangalore, Mysore is the first and most preferred destination for Skydiving in India. You will be jumping up on the top of Chamundi hills. Mysore is one of the very few places in India to offer Accelerated free fall jump which is the most advanced level of skydiving.  To participate in an accelerated free fall jump, the candidate should undergo training for at least a week. During the training, the candidate will be indulged in 10 jumps. The 10th jump will be solo. You can also opt USPA license course which will require 17 days training. The user should complete at least 25 jumps to apply for the license course.

Tandem jumps are the ones can be done by anyone in good health. In a tandem jump, you will be rigged with an instructor before jumping off the plane. You will be free-falling from 10,000 feet for about 30-40 seconds and the instructor will then open the parachute. The parachute ride will take around 8-15 minutes while the entire experience will last 2 hours.

2. Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

One of the first certified Skydiving zone in India. Dhana skydiving zone has an airstrip where several certified skydiving organisers will take part in this adrenaline pumping sport.

The only drawback at Dhana is that Accelerated Free Fall jump is not available. Other two options like Tandem Jump and Static line jump makes up very for its absence. Skydiving at Dhana will be an out of the world experience making it one of the top 5 Skydiving places in India.

3. Pondicherry, Tamilnadu.

The French Riveria of India is known for its cultural blend between India and France. Diving from the sky over this coastal beauty is an enthralling experience.

You can opt between Tandem and Static line jump to skydive at Pondicherry. Being a coastal city, the sea breeze at Pondicherry will take you for a ride while you jump from the plane. You will be floating like a bird and will have a chance to witness the beauty of Bengal sea kissing the Indian Landscape.

The height for the tandem jump is 10,000 feet while the static line jump is made from 4,000 feet.


Static Jump: 18,000 INR.

Tandem Jump: 27,000 INR.

4. Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

Very few know that Aligarh airstrip has a skydiving facility. To skydive at Aligarh, you will have to get a medical fitness certificate from a general physician. Apart from getting the certificate, a regular fitness checkup will be done to ensure that the participant is medically fit.

Skydiving facility at Aligarh only offers Tandem jump which is one of the reasons that it was pushed to fourth in the list of top 5 Skydiving places in India.

The tandem jump is usually done from 9000 to 10,000 feet. Every skydiving participant will be gifted with a coffee mug and there is an option to record your skydiving experience in Video. The video will be professionally edited according to your requirements.


Tandem Jump without Video: 27025 INR.

Tandem Jump with Video: 31625.

5. Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

Many Skydiving enthusiasts recommend Aamby Valley of Maharashtra is the best place to skydive in India. The Bird’s eye view of Aamby Valley is so beautiful that you will fall in love with that place.

As of now, only Tandem jumps are available at Aamby Valley but the organisers are planning to introduce other variants as soon as possible. Skydiving participants will have to take part in the one-hour mandatory training session before taking the actual leap. The dive will last up to 45 minutes including the 30-second free fall.


Tandem Jump:

Monday to Thursday: 20,000 INR.

Friday to Sunday: 25,000 INR.

Video and photography will cost extra.

Skydiving may be the best adventure sport. But you will have to each an every instruction very carefully before taking the leap.